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    I would find it very helpful to have a 'star post' option: this would be great for when a model answer is given to a question, or a great idea is submitted.

    Personal usage:
    - quickly return to useful posts, they are not lost in the medley of other, even after time lapse
    - identify patterns for posters who are worth watching out for, given their insights

    Group usage:
    - if enough people indicate a post is a 'star post' then it should probably bring it to the attention of 'powers that be' for further attention - perhaps commending the originator, perhaps having a special mentions somewhere, perhaps putting it on a FAQ for model answers to questions;
    - if a user generates enough 'star posts', perhaps they might gain an expertise ranking in that forum? Or be invited to moderate?

    - positive attribution system [reward for contribution]
    - useful!

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    The Lounge used to have this option prior to the move to IPB. There were discussions about if this could be re-implemented on IPB but I don't know if it is on the to do list or not.

    You can see the old star posts in these threads:
    StarPost Index - Windows
    StarPost Index - Office Applications
    StarPost Index - Other Technologies

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    In addition to what Tony said; as for "Group usage", that is how this Lounge has been working since 1995 or around that.

    And it's always possible to save bookmarks; use the StarPost Index; use the search feature etc.

    There can be a lot of information here to digest, but give it some time.

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