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    Hi. Totally challenged here. I recently returned a new HP Quad Core 8 GB computer because i just HATED Windows 7 and i was UNimpressed with the speed of what i thought was going to be a "blazing fast" system. So i gave my old Acer 2 GB more memory (Running XP Media Edition) and it was FINE! Worked really fast and also recognized all the 2.75 of 3 GB which i've been told is average.) Then i restored it to factory condition, no problems, came up GREAT and really FAST". Worked GREAT for 2 days. THEN it said "need to install updates, and now has been stuck on "installing 3 of 40" for almost 16 hours. Can i pull the plug and restart? it says "Do NOT Turn off your computer".

    I did a general inquiry at Google (see URL -
    ) and that person had same trouble only with Vista but i couldn't understand one word of what he did to fix the problem. Is there a user-friendly fix anyone can suggest?

    Hope i am posting to correct place, sorry if i am not. Thank you!

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    The link you posted doesn't seem to apply. It refers to someone who is running Linux and Windows on the same machine. The problems seemed to be linked to the way in which the OS of choice is loaded.

    Given the state that things are in, you should definitely pull the plug.

    If you've restored things to "factory condition", does that also mean that you did not install SP3 before allowing Updates to install? If so, I would suggest that you uninstall the 2 patches that have already gone in, and apply SP3. (Use the Control Panel Add|Remove Software to roll back the patches.)

    Generally, it is best to check the Patch warnings at Woody Leonhard's site before allowing updates to proceed. If you haven't used that system before, make sure you understand exactly what Woody is saying. For example, he assumes you're using Firefox 3 in all possible circumstances.


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    From here....

    "Follow these steps to cancel a Windows Update.

    1. To begin, Go to Start / Run.

    2. At the insertion point enter services.msc and click OK.

    3. (Alternatively ignore 1 and 2 by right-clicking My Computer, selecting Manage and expanding Services and Applications to find Services).

    4. In the main pane, right click on Automatic Updates and select Stop.

    5. After the service is stopped, press Go to Start / Run.

    6. This time enter %windir%\SoftwareDistribution and click OK.

    7. An Explorer window will open, and you will see a list of folders - open the one called Download.

    8. Delete the contents of the Download folder.

    9. Close the window, then go back to Start ? Run.

    10. Again enter services.msc and click OK (or repeat 3.)

    11. In the main pane, right click on Automatic Updates and select Start.

    Now you have removed the downloaded updates, and Windows will no longer detect them. However they will more than likely be downloaded again at a later point."

    After you have done this, you should download SP3 to your desktop and then install the SP from there. That will get you all the updates to that point and then start checking for updates and only download a few at a time.


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