I use a Kensington MouseWorks track ball (four buttons, scrolling ring, version 6.2.2), customized to fit my needs as a handicapped person -- especially in terms of cursor control. Whenever I reboot my computer, the cursor acceleration functions at maximum speed, shooting across the screen at the slightest movement of the ball and making control almost impossible.Yet when I open the MouseWorks configuration, all of the settings remain as I adjusted them (including having set the standard Microsoft mouse controls at the slowest possible speed).

To correct this, I must go through a lengthy procedure. First I need to I uninstall the MouseWorks software, which requires an additional reboot in order to complete it. After the second reboot, I must reinstall the MouseWorks software and then reconfigure it to my needs. This can be quite tedious because I'm doing it while the cursor is still at its highest speed and therefore almost impossible to control.

I spoke with people at Kensington a number of times that they could not offer any solution. They replaced the trackball, and I installed the new software, but the same problem persists. I was told recently that Kensington is no longer servicing this particular model. So I'm having to look elsewhere for help.

I don't know a lot about how the computer works, but I suspect that something else that gets installed at reboot is overriding the acceleration controls for the cursor. If that is the case, could anyone help me figure out how to locate the problem? If it is not the case, does anyone have any other suggestions?

Edit: I should probably have noted that I am using Microsoft Windows XP 2002, professional, service pack 3, version 3311, with Intel core duo,@2.33 GHz, 2.99 GB of RAM.