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    Insert name/address using Outlook Contacts list (Word 2000)

    When typing letters, I need to insert names and addresses, plus the company name of the person I am writing to. This addressbook icon pulls the information from my contact list in Outlook. Each contact in this list has name, company, business address, position in company, etc. I have added the Addressbook icon to my toolbar in Word, but when I click the icon and then select a name to add, the company does not get inserted. Only the name, and business address. What do I change to get the business name to be inserted as well as the business address.
    Please forgive any mistakes I have made as I am a new user, and this is the first time I have used the lounge, so in answering back please make it basic! Thank you.

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    Re: Insert name/address using Outlook Contacts list (Word 2000)


    First, if you have WOPR, take a look at its features for inserting these. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

    If not, there are two MS Knowledgebase Articles that are a good start for this at and <A target="_blank" HREF=> Matching AddressLayout Fields to Outlook Contact Fields. (Also <A target="_blank" HREF=> Word 2000</A>

    Save them as templates with "Letter" in their names and put them in the folder "Letters & Faxes" in your user or workgroup templates folder. (You may have to create this folder.)
    The letter template should have the following in an AutoText entry named AddressLayout (all one word):
    (You may be able to cut and paste the above into your document. If you do, use Paste-Special... Unformatted text.) Actually, I think that the AutoText entry can be in a global template (including but am not sure of this.

    Another possible AutoText entry AddressLayout would be:

    For more information on this, I would recommend that you read the instructions in <A target="_blank" HREF=> Special Edition Using Office 2000</A> by Ed Bott and Woody Leonhard (Que), pp. 312-318, 763-764. That gives a listing of the different codes that Word recognizes as well as a macro for getting rid of the "United States of America" in the built-in templates. They also recommend starting the letter from Word rather than from Outlook and give instructions on how to do this.

    If you buy <A target="_blank" HREF=> the book</A>, a side-benefit is that the CD-ROM contains WOPR-2000 which lets you right-click in a document and call up your contacts list to insert names and addresses from the Contacts folder.

    I think but don't remember for sure that the tag you want is <PR_BUSINESS_ADDRESS>. Hope this helps.
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