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    Hello -

    Is it possible to see New Posts for only those fora you are interested in, i.e., only Word, only Suggestion Box, etc.

    Getting emails can become cumbersome....especially if you want to see responses more than once a day.

    Thank you.

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    This suggestion has been made at least twice before - quite probably by me! I suspect that modifying IP-Board to obtain this result is a non-trivial task, which is why there has been no Official Response. I would like to do the same - to have a list of new posts but only for the Forums which I have selected...

    A partial way out is to display the list of forums, and note the icon which precedes each. There is a difference between "There are new posts in this Forum" icon, and the "No new posts here, mate" icon. Even then, you'll have to select visually only those forums in which you're interested. The previous Lounge Software allowed you to list just the Forums you selected... Sometimes Progress means Regress!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BATcher View Post
    Sometimes Progress means Regress!
    Oooh, goody. Another opportunity to use my word of the month.

    This qualifies as a Schlimbesserung

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