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    I have date in columns with the variable names in the first row. I would like to return the variable name for the column where the maximum value occurs.

    For example
    Q R S value
    2 5 3 R
    3 5 6 S
    9 5 4 Q

    I would like a formula to return R for the 1st row, S for the 2nd row and Q for the third row.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Let's say that your data are in columns A:C, with field names (column headings) in A1:C1.
    In D2, enter the following formula:


    and fill down as far as needed. If the data span other columns, adjust the formula accordingly.

    Note: if the maximum value occurs in more than one field, the formula will return the first field (from left to right) in which it occurs.

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