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    I have a series of beginning and ending dates. let's say Begin Dates are in Column A and End Dates are in Column B. They aren't consecutive or regular. The first one in row 2 might be from 9/12/2002 to 9/25/2003, the second in row 3 would be from 2/12/2000 to 3/29/2000, etc.

    In another are I have a list of dates that are month ends from 1990 to today in Column F. In Column G I would like a formula that tells me if the condition is present for that date.

    For example, let's say 9/15/2002 is the first entry. In Col. G I'd like it to say true. In another row 9/30/2004, would have false.

    I hope this makes sense. If not I can attach an example.Thanks!

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    Let's say your date ranges in column A and B is from row 2 up to and including row 50.

    In G2, enter the formula


    and fill down as far as needed.

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