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    I installed Win7-64 and was quite impressed except for the default shutdown. On XP I was offered options to shutdown/reboot/hibernate/suspend. So I clicked on the arrow to the right of Shutdown and there were the missing options. I chose restart and the PC shutdown and re-opened into the Win7 repair mode. It was unable to repair itself. First it stated that the MBR was damaged. After 3 attempts I chose to re-install Win7-64 (I had backups on two external drives and a USB stick) but the Win7-64 refused to format the drive as it had a corrupt partition table.

    I used Paragon Partition Manager (Free on a magazine cd) and formatted the drive successfully. I installed Win7-64 again and then added in my backups. They failed with messages that the External HDD had corrupt partitions. I tried both external HDD with the same result. I then checked both External HDD's on another Desktop. No errors found.

    I decided that it might be Win7-64 so I formatted the drive with Paragon and installed Win7-32. It failed with a message that the disk was corrupt and it should be checked with CHKDSK. (Where is that,then?)

    I took the DVD and the HDD to another Desktop and checked them. No Problems. So I attempted another clean install of W7-32 and it worked. I then attempted to add in my Backups. They failed with messages that both ext HDD had corrupt partition tables. I checked them against another Desktop and they were both OK. Next morning my PC booted into Safe mode and displayed a message "Please wait..." After three hours nothing had changed. I bought a new 500Gb SATA HDD and installed it. Then installed and configured W7-32. Then added in my Backups from one of the ext HDD. No problems. Next day the PC missed out the safe mode and went straight to the "Please wait..." message. I took the HDD to another Desktop and it was OK.

    I put the original 180GB HDD back, formatted it with Paragon as Fat 32. Then made a clean install of Win7-32 (Which automatically reformatted the HDD as NTFS) and it worked. I then added in my backups from an External HDD. No problems. Then I added some documents and security apps from my USB stick. No problems. So Far. Touch wood.

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    Given all the partition errors on just that machine, I'd suspect either the SATA controller is failing, or you've got a bad cable. You say you were able to put the HD & DVD in another computer ok, so if you get errors again, simple thing would be try swapping the SATA cables from that box.

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    I agree, it sounds more like a hardware issue. It could be something as simple as the bios battery, or aforementioned cabling issue. Motherboard or cable issues can cause all sorts of weird things to happen.
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    One word... Hardware.
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