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    Cannot nest distribution lists (OL2K SR1)


    I don't seem to be able to nest distribution lists - at least, I can nest them, but the people in the nested list don't get sent the mail.

    What I want to have is ListA - with lots of people from one group - and ListB, which has all the people from ListA plus some others. I don't want to type them all in again (although I'm having to just now), so I *ought* to be able to add the distribution list and have it resolved at send time.

    I'm running Outlook in internet mode, and I know that in corporate mode the group-wide distribution lists are nested, and all seem to work well, but I can't get it to. Any thoughts?

    (Also, while we're on the subject of distribution lists, how does Outlook resolve the addresses? If I have a FRED in a list linked to a contact in my contacts book and I move the contact to, say, a sub folder, then Outlook loses the link to the contact and replaces it with just the email address that I had at the time the link was broken. Since it offers to try and find the link, I would have thought it would browse [like a broken shortcut] for the entry at the very least. Nah.)


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    Re: Cannot nest distribution lists (OL2K SR1)

    internet mode is very different than corporate mode and htat is likely the problem with the DL. It's version of DL is done differently than how corp does it.

    There is a limit to the number of entries a dL can contain, if you are well under 100 between the two lists, that should not be the issue though. (i feel certain it's a limitation of IMO. )

    DLs stored in contacts have a copy of the email address in them and a pointer to the contact. when you moved the contact the pointer was broken but the email address was available. is the subfolder set as an address book? i'd think too that it would browse, but if the subfolder is not set as an address book, it definitely won't.

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