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    I have a curious problem that I'm not too sure how to solve.
    I have a database that was built in Access 2000. This database is used where I work and up to now has had no issues.
    However last week for some bizarre reason, work decided to upgrade from XP to Vista and now I have a problem.

    The database has various forms in it linked to tables or queries. On those forms I have comboboxes that find data on the forms based on various criteria. It appears that if the data for the combobox is based directly from a table there is no issue, however if the contents of the combobox is based on the data from a query the data is still there but no text is displayed. The user has to use forward and back arrows to navigate the form as opposed to select a record from a combobox.

    Any ideas as to what is wrong?

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    Which version of Access are you using on Windows Vista? Please specify in the form Access 2000 SR1 or Access 2003 SP2 etc.

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