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    In the last month or so, my mother's computer (XP Pro SP3 on an AMD Dual Core box) has started throwing up an error message whenever she starts Word 2002. It says that Windows Genuine Advantage has detected that Word is not activated. The choices to click are 'Remind Me Later' and 'More Information'. I chose the Info button and it put up a dialogue box telling me to open each Office product, click Help, and then click Activate. When I did that for each Office app (Word, Excel, Access, Front Page, and Power Point) it tells me that the program is already activated.

    I read something about WGA causing this sort of problem but I can't remember where I read it, or what to do to fix it. Anybody have any ideas? Mom is driving me crazy over this.

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    I'd contact Microsoft Support (see Help and Support) and explain the situation. From what I've heard, Microsoft is very reasonable when problems like this occur.

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    If you have the same experience I did, Microsoft will first have you delete a couple of Registry entries, then open an Office application and re-enter the product key.

    Then, when this fails to solve the problem, they'll tell you to reinstall Office.

    Rather than uninstalling Office, I uninstalled Office Genuine Advantage Notifications by following the instructions here.

    PS: (1) My version of Office is the one that came with my Dell; and (2) the relevant folks at Microsoft should be ashamed of themselves. Just my opinion.

    PPS: If you find a better solution to this problem, please post it here. Thanks.

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