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    Custom format in XP (OfficeXP)

    I am trying to do a custom format that looks like this
    It works correctly except always adds a zero as the last digit on the last numper of the last group of 4 digits no matter what is typed.
    Any suggestions?

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    Re: Custom format in XP (OfficeXP)

    I think that your problem is that the format is for 16 digits and the largest number that Excel can handle as a number is 15 significant digits. Therefore, I believe that you will find that the low order digit that you entered has been replaced by zero. If this number does not have to be used for calculation, then I would suggest that you enter it as text with the formatting included in the text.
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    Re: Custom format in XP (OfficeXP)

    That makes sense. I will try a workaround . Thanks


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