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Thread: Excel 97 (SR-2)

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    Excel 97 (SR-2)

    Can anyone explain why the vertical scroll bar blinks. Recalculation or saving the file doesn't cause it to stop.

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    Re: Excel 97 (SR-2)

    Can you be more specific by describing this blinking. Does it occur all the the time, or just for a particular workbook.

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    Re: Excel 97 (SR-2)

    Specifically, the slider on the scroll bar is what blinks, at about a one second rate. I haven't noticed if other spread sheets do this but it occurs on the same spreadsheet on a different computer. I can't be more specific about what causes it because I can't make it happen. As I mentioned in the first post, it blinked before and after calculating, before and after saving. There are some off sheet references but I don't know if they are responsible.

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