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    I signed up, went through filling out the forms, waited for the validation email. Finally arrived. Tried method A, couldn't log in. Tried method B by CnP'ing the User ID: and Validation Key: as supplied in the email. Once I pasted those in the appropriate fields I received a screen that said:

    Sorry, an error occurred. If you need help, try the FAQ links on the Lounge Lobby page or click Help on the main menu.

    [#10120] We could not find the validation request you are attempting to verify.

    You are not signed in
    Click here to sign in.

    The FAQ doesn't address this issue and I couldn't find anything in Help that dealt with this.
    A search using 10120, or #10120 returned 0(zero) results.

    I thought it might be a browser/OS compatibility issue or a cookie problem. I dumped cookies and that didn't help as I still had the same problem with both Opera9.64 and Firefox 3.0.15 on Ubuntu 8.10 but the reregistration worked with both those browsers on that OS so browser/OS problems have been eliminated.

    I rerigistered with other than my preferred user name and everything worked as expected.

    Any ideas on how to rectify this error so I can login with my preferred account profile?

    Mods - please feel free to move this to a more apprpriate forum.

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    Brian Livingston
    Frankly, we can't find any documentation on Error 10120 either. There was a problem for a few days in early December 2009 with new members entering apostrophes, quotation marks, or parentheses in various fields when registering. Parentheses worked in our testing, but they do seem to cause problems, so we removed parens as characters that new members are told they can use. We've never suggested using apostrophes or quotation marks, which are restricted by our software platform, IP.Board. (We hope to allow apostrophes in names like O'Brien some day, but the workaround is difficult.)

    I'm glad that you were able to register under the second name you tried, but we'd like to get you signed in under the name you prefer. We can't tell from your message what that name would be, which is understandable because you should never provide credentials in a post.

    If you or anyone has a problem validating your registration, please click the "Contact an administrator" link at the bottom of the page. This will bring you to a Web form, in which you can compose an e-mail that will be sent securely to an Admin. We can then validate your preferred name manually.

    This thread was moved from Test Area to the Suggestion Box forum. The Test Area is assumed to be for experimental posts that are not directed at other readers.

    Thanks for reporting this.

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