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    Tracking changes (Word 2000)

    Hi Guru's

    Is it possible to set some thing up in Word 2000 so that the track changes colours will change depending on the day you open the document or the person who edits it? Or do the changes have to be done manually?

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    Re: Tracking changes (Word 2000)


    The following would work but is not really automatic:
    In Tools > Track Changes > Highlight Changes > Options, set all of the color options to "By Author".

    Then each day, you'd need to go to Tools > Options > User Information, and change the setting there to something like "Kerrie_Sept27".

    Word would then mark each day's changes with a different set of colors - there's likely a built-in limit to how many different colors it will produce this way (i.e. how many different days it can supply different colors for) but I'm not sure what that limit is.

    The above is not much easier than just changing to a different color each day manually; the one benefit of doing it as above is that the comment/tooltip would identify each change by name and date.

    Something to watch out for though if doing the above: the user information is shared across a number of Office apps so this would affect your username information in other apps as well (if that should matter).


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