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    I'm finding that Firefox crashes at least once every session now, sometimes several times, and even in the middle of typing something into a field on screen. I just upgraded to 3.5.6, running on Vista Home Premium SP1 with 3GB of memory, and have gone through all my add-ons to check whether one of them is causing the problem. Firefox aren't getting any notifications from me because the error window I get offers to report my problems to Firefox, then comes up with "there was a problem submitting your report" before offering to restart Firefox and restore the tabs. I can't pin this down to a website, an activity, or a time of day and I'm running out of ideas. The laptop doesn't have problems with any other software that I'm aware of, and has been swept for malware and the HD defragged. Now running out of ideas to try - anyone got any suggestions?

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    Unfortunately specific advise can not be given as the specific cause for the crashing is not clear, instead you will need to try some troubleshooting techniques.

    Mozilla have a couple of support article that may help. Try the steps shown in the Firefox crashes and Basic Troubleshooting artciles. Similar articles at Mozillazine that may help are Firefox crashes and Standard diagnostic

    Something else that you can try is creating a new profile (Firefox stores user data in a profile), if Firefox works with the new profile you can copy important data such as bookmarks to it. For details see Creating a new Firefox profile on Windows

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    Quote Originally Posted by stuart cliffe View Post
    Now running out of ideas to try - anyone got any suggestions?
    Occasionally, an ad network will push out a script that is very incompatible with Firefox. Using an ad blocker or the NoScript script blocker can help with that sort of problem.

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