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    I wonder if any body can help me.

    I am re-typing a document from the middle 1800s, some of it is in a table that can only be typed landscape.

    To fit in with the other 40 odd pages it needs to be portrait.

    How can I turn it round, I have tried just turning the page but the table does not turn.

    I know I can print then scan in say jpeg and then turn the jpeg, but that would make it so it could not be edited at a later date.

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    Select the table (click in it and press Alt+num 5 - i.e. 5 on the numeric keypad), then select File | Page Setup, click Landscape and make sure that you apply it to selected text only. Finally click OK.
    Word will insert section breaks before and after the table, and make the page with the table landscape.

    The page will be displayed as landscape on the screen, but of course when you print it, the text will appear to be rotated 90 degrees compared to the other pages.

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