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    Hi all. This is my first post on this forum and I wanted to begin with a list of all the free software that I use on my computer. I have a Dell Inspiron 1525 (T5550 @ 1.83GHz, 3 GB RAM, Windows Vista Home Basic SP2 and XP Pro SP2 dual-boot).

    1. Adobe Reader 9.2 - For PDFs, obviously. Some of you may recommend Foxit but I feel that Adobe is pretty fast too. And, as I have a huge collection of ebooks and text books in PDF format, I prefer to use Adobe because I feel that the font smoothing is better than in Foxit. I used to get headaches when I read too much in Foxit.

    2. Apex DC++ 1.2.2 - For file-sharing. Mainly in my campus. Can't live without it.

    3. Avira Antivir Personal - Best free antivirus I've ever used. Except for the nag screen on every update I have no issues with it.

    4. CCleaner - General purpose cleaning. I don't mind a bit of clutter, though. Use it mainly for the startup manager.

    5. Defraggler - Use it mainly in XP. Does a great job. Vista's built-in defragmenter is more than enough.

    6. IrfanView - General purpose picture editor and viewer. Prefer Windows' built-in picture viewer, though. Mainly use Irfan for resizing pics.

    7. iTunes - Only for managing my iPod. I realise there are less 'bloat-y' ways to do it but I prefer the real thing. Call it OCD if you want.

    8. Microsoft Reader - Obviously for reading ebooks in .lit format. Works pretty good. No issues.

    9. Mozilla Firefox - Best all-round browser in my opinion. Can't beat some of the add-ons. Chrome is a bit too slick for my taste.

    10. Mp3tag v2.45a - Tag editor for music files. Batch processing rocks.

    11. Picasa 3 - 'nuff said. Best amateur photo editor ever.

    12. SpeedFan - Displays temperature from various system sensors. Has a cool Dell mode to read additional sensors. Mainly use it to prevent overheating of the processor during gaming. The Inspiron's ventilation system is a tad insufficient.

    13. The KMPlayer - One stop software for all video viewing needs. Also supports my computer's multimedia keys and remote. VLC doesn't.

    14. TweetDeck - Twitter client. Nice UI and annoying notifications can be turned off.

    15. WinRAR 3.91 - Not strictly freeware but I can put up with its nag screen. Gotten used to the UI and reluctant to switch to 7-zip.

    16. Zune - Music player from Microsoft. Don't have a Zune device, though. Love the sound quality and the Now Playing screen. Nowhere near as refined as but still use it for the sound, especially on tiny laptop speakers.

    17. uTorrent - Best torrent client ever. Hardly uses any resources or space. Necessitated by the non-existance of Fox and ABC in India. Only use it for TV torrents.

    So, what do you guys think? Suggestions are welcome :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashwin Bhaskaran View Post
    Hi all. This is my first post on this forum and I wanted to begin with a list of all the free software that I use on my computer.
    So, what do you guys think? Suggestions are welcome :-)
    A suggestion that you see Best Freeware?

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    Thanks for the list. There are a couple of similar threads running at the moment, see and

    To avoid duplication I will lock this one

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