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    I have a Linksys BEFSR-41 ver. 4.1 router. Hard wired. Connects to the internet via a broadband connection.
    Works as this is how I am online right now.
    I then got a laptop with wireless abilities. I want to be able to roam the home and even the front porch when the weather
    get better.

    I picked up a Linksys WRT54GS v5 wireless router etc.

    I have tried to connect the two. I want to keep the -41 as the primary router, and daisy-chain the other one to the other
    side of the room.

    Has there been a thread that I can find that will help me find the settings for the new router etc.
    THanks for the help in advance.

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    I have a Linksys WRT54G connected to my broadband router. It is configured in "gateway" mode, which means that it simply routes packets from its Wireless side to the LAN. It doesn't act as a DHCP server (but it passes DHCP requests on to the real router), and it doesn't even appear on the network so I cannot connect to it's web interface unless I use the factory reset.

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    I see 2 options.
    1. Replace the BEFSR router with the WRTG router. This is the easiest.
    2. Set a hard coded IP address and turn off DHCP server on the WRTG router, then connect it to the BEFSR router via the switch ports, not the WAN port. This is much harder.

    cheers, Paul

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