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    I have an application that will use Data Validation to allow selection from a drop-down list. I'm okay with making the drop-down selection work, but I'd like to augment it if I can. I'm using Office 2000. Here's the deal:

    Let's say that the list itself has four entries--Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta--in cells A1 through A4. Cells B1 through B4 have the numbers 1 through 4, so Alpha (cell A1) is alongside and associated with 1 (cell B1), Beta with 2, Gamma with 3, and Delta with 4.

    Column D has the cells that choose entries from the drop-down list, and I also want to put associated data into column E. For example, if I choose to put Alpha in cell D12, I also want the number associated with Alpha--the number 1--to automatically be put in cell E12. If I chose Gamma for cell D13, I want a 3 to be put in cell E13, and so forth. I don't see how to do this without a VBA script, and I'm hardly even at square one with VBA. Can anybody help?

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    You can do this without VBA: enter the following formula in E1


    and fill down as far as needed. See the attached sample workbook.

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