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    My question's about Cookies found in Win Patrol and Internet Options.

    While deleting cookies I've found on those I wish to keep, 2 or more entries. Some with the same dates, others with different ones.

    Should I keep just one cookie from a website or keep all listed? This forum has 3 cokies listed. I use RoboForm and it remembers all programs passwords which I could use to login but I'd rather not have to go there every time I want to login.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duchess843 View Post
    Should I keep just one cookie from a website or keep all listed?
    If you trust the site, keep all that apply to that site - they may cover different things, like preferences, last time you visited, viewed posts, password, etc.

    If you don't trust the site, delete all that apply to that site. (Be aware, however, that some sites you trust may use 3rd party cookies which you might not recognise and may not wish to delete.)

    The only reason you may wish to delete a cookie from a site you trust is if it has expired or got corrupted, but there has to be more to life than spending time inspecting each one individually...

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