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    I have a replicated Access 2003 Db. In the Design Master, called 'MainData', a new replica has appeared called 'Fresh'. The replica Db actually does not exist, but is still listed in the replica set. I certainly didn't create that replica. I have synchronized to this non-existent replica, which is supposed to remove it from the replica set, but it still persists. After that, I also renamed the other 2 (correct) replica Dbs and synchronised to them as well, hoping they would be removed too. Then I could start again and recreate the replicas I wanted. But none of the replicas have been removed from the replica set.
    The design Master has also somehow become protected. I can't access the 'Startup' dialog, nor can I open any forms in design mode. If I try to open a form in the Design Master, a dialog comes up saying "You can't modify the design of 'frmxyz' at a replica. Design changes ..... can only be at the Design Master...", yet I am in the Design Master! If I try to recover the Design Master, it tells me it is the current Design Master. Weird!!

    How can I get the Design Master to realize it actually IS the Design Master?
    How can I get rid of the unwanted replica 'Fresh'?
    How can I unprotect the Db? (Probably linked to the first question).

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    Please see my comments to your more recent post. As to getting rid of the non-existant replica, you must have the path to the folder where the database existed still present for the synchronization to successfully remove it. And in general we do not recommend replicating forms and reports - only the tables in a split database. Forms, reports and VBA tend to corrupt much more frequently and a corrupt design master is not a good thing.

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