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    Can anyone help me resolve the issue with the error in the attachment, please? In a few words, it appears to effect the taskbar at the lower right corner, and specifically keep icons from displaying in the adjustable bar, and thus preventing software from being used.

    My immediate concern is that my Dell DataSafe Online will not perform scheduled backups any more (manual yes, scheduled no), apparently because the icon drops out of view of the tray and then I get the error in the attachment below:

    [attachment=87452ell DataSafe Online error.docx]

    The information is rather long, so I am sending it as an attachment rather than try to paste it into this message. It refers to Dell DataSafe Online because that is the software I am TRYING to use when I get this error. Although icons for other software partially disappear off the taskbar as well, I've not noticed any functionality problems with anything else. I've gone to Dell about this, but they do not provide tech support for software, so I am hoping I can get this resolved here.

    Please note at the bottom it appears to provide a solution titled "JIT Debugging" but I cannot understand much less follow those directions. Can someone here either offer suggestions to resolve this issue, or else translate the attachment into simple STEP BY STEP SPECIFIC DIRECTIONS that a laymen can understand and follow, please? Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.
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    David E. Cann

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