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    New computer has Win 7, 64 bit, (old one, win xp professional). Huge jump in operating systems for me.
    On new computer, I made a folder in the library, then copied and pasted the folder into the new one. Opened up documents within the folder to make sure everything was ok, then deleted old folder in main my documents folder. NOW, I cannot find the new folder. Any help would be much appreciated. I've just started college and all my work was in that folder that has disappeared.

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    Libraries don't store files or folders. Rather, they simply point to different folders on your hard disk. The files or folders are not actually moved from their original location on the drive. This gives you quick access to files or folders from within the Library folder, no matter where they are stored.

    If you have actually deleted a folder which you moved into a library, then the Library can no longer point to this folder. Have a look in the Recycle Bin for the original folder. Hopefully it is still there and you can restore it to its original location. If not, you have probably lost your folder and the documents within the folder.

    Probably a good idea to search Help for "Library" for more information on Libraries. Good luck.
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