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    fixing my "new office document" template (windows 98)

    When I try to open a blank office document, I get the same "document 2" that I must then highlight and delete in order to get a blank page. How can I set the template to where it should be so I can get a blank page when starting a new document. Thanks, Bob.

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    Re: fixing my "new office document" template (windows 98)

    Hi Bob:

    It sounds like at some point in the past, you saved a document as I'm not sure what you get when you first start Word. Try this:
    1. Click an empty spot on the taskbar & press F3.
    2. Make sure that the look in box is your primary hard drive & that "include subfolders" is ticked.
    3. Type in the "named" box & search.
    4. When you find, rename it (select it & press F2) to e.g. normal.old

    The other thing you should do is:
    1. Close Word
    2. Bring up Find again & search for: *.tmp;~*.do?;~*.wbk
    3. Select & delete all these files.

    Now restart Word, which will recreate & you should get a blank document. If this doesn't work, you may have a virus, which has saved a document as a template. I would virus check everything on my hard drive.

    Hope this helps.

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