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    Alright I got my new TV. I went with a 26 and decided to put it in my bedroom rather than the living room.

    Its an RCA L26HD35D.

    I also just got Comcast cable. I have their digital start package. They messed up and gave me a digital DVR. I ended up with the Motorola DCX 3400.

    The TV is connected to the DVR via a cable (Not sure what its called). It has red, green, blue, (video) and then 2 more for white and red (audio). Its all 1 set of cords.

    The DVR is connected to the coax in the wall.

    I bought an HDMI cord from Monoprice. 12ft for $10 shipped. It works perfectly. When I have the digital cable box on I have the HDMI in the HDMI slot 1 on the TV and the only HDMI slot on the cable box. It allows 720p.

    When I want the laptop for netflix or downloaded clips or just to use as a second monitor I pull the HDMI out of the cable box and plug it into my laptop. If Im streaming netflix I have to manually go into my Realtek HD Audio control panel and set the HDMI Output as the default sound device to get any sound on the TV through HDMI otherwise its silent. This is where the software part comes in. Im looking for a way or a software that will automatically detect that I have HDMI plugged in and will automatically switch the sound default so I dont have to do it every time.

    Ive already tried VAC (Vista Audio Changer) and STADS (System Tray Audio Device Switcher). Neither do anything that the Realtek HD Audio manager doesnt do. Im looking for something thats more of an automatic script type thing.
    My Laptop Specs
    Asus M50SV-A1, Win7 x64 Pro, 1440x900 WXGA screen, 250Gb Seagate Momentus 5400.4RPM HD with 8Mb Cache, Intel Core 2 Duo T9300 2.5Ghz Processor with 6Mb L2 cache, 3Gbs of RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 9500GS 512Mb GPU, Logitech G5, Saitek X52/ST290 Logitech Precision Gaming Headset

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    Check your TV's Owner's Manual "Selecting the HDMI audio input source" (Page 25)

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