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    Yesterday I went to send my daily calendar (Outlook 07) to my boss, and as usual I also cc'd it to my personal e-mail address so sync it up with my smartphone. It wouldn't send, and it closed Outlook.
    Being that we have a tech support help desk I called and they still haven't figured out what is going on. I am able to send to one e-mail address only. We created a new profile and that didnt seem to make any difference. Anyone have any ideas. This is on an Exchange server. I haven't turned off any add ins yet.
    Thanks John
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    Quote Originally Posted by t8ntlikly View Post
    I am able to send to one e-mail address only.
    See if you have a message stuck in your Outbox.

    In the Start | Run command line 'box', try clearing the server side 'stuff' with these switches:

    outlook.exe /cleanfreebusy
    outlook.exe /cleanserverrules

    ...those may not do a thing. The problem sounds more like an Exchange Server issue, in which case your IT Tech people should talk with Exchange Server Admiin.
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