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    ODBC Query (Excel 97, Access 97)

    I just finished creating a Query using ODBC on my system. If I want to use this spreadsheet with the macros that retrieve the data from access on a different PC do I have to load ODBC or anything else?

    What is a different User on a different PC want to use this do I have to load ODBC or change anything?

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    Re: ODBC Query (Excel 97, Access 97)

    Hi Daniel

    Yes you would need to have the ODBC drivers. Now luckily ODBC is very common and it is installed with some default installations of Windows and/or databases. Access also has a common driver. But just to be on the safe side check the following MSKB Article ID: Q156835

    Having the ODBC drivers is one aspect of it, you still may need to have a DSN entry for your ODBC connection.

    I wish I had a clear source for you to look at, but I have not found any... Maybe you an scan the MSKB for some.

    I hope this helps.

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