i can walk thru the form fields on my tabl control using the following:

            For X = 0 To Request.Form.Count() - 1
                Item = Request.Form.Keys(X) ' grabs form field Name
                If InStr(Item, "SO_") > 0 Then ' test form field name
                    'If Trim(Request.Form.Item(X)) <> "" Then ' acts on form fields data
                    ItemValue = Request.Form.Item(X) ' assigns value to a shorter var
                    SplitItem = Split(Item, "$")
                    Dim j As Integer = SplitItem.Length - 1
                    Me.ReconVals.Text = Me.ReconVals.Text & Item & "<-->" & ItemValue & ""
                    i = i + 1
                End If
                'End If
But this doesn't work for labels, which makes some sense as the labels aren't form fields. I want to display data from the db in my labels rather than use textboxes as the data is for display purposes only. so I can manually assign labels data from the query:

            Me.origAA8a.Text = dt_OrigValues.Rows(0).Item("SAA_AA8AWH")
            Me.origB2a.Text = dt_OrigValues.Rows(0).Item("SB_B2AWH")
            Me.UE_B2a.Text = dt_NewValues.Rows(0).Item("UE_Sb B2a")
            Me.SO_B2a.Text = dt_NewValues.Rows(0).Item("UE_Sb B2a")
but we're talking 216 labels! I can't figure out how to walk thru my TabControl labels and assign text values - any ideas?