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    We have a large (3 volumes) technical document that has been converted from WordPerfect through different Word versions and currently it is in Word 2003. It was developed using Letter Gothic font which printed out on a printer using a HP-4MV driver. Problem is, the corporation is locking the printers so I can't change the driver to be able to print these documents out in the correct format. Is there a way to embed the fonts or driver so they can be printed in the correct format using common printers without having to re-type the documents?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Here are 2 screen shots of the changes, one with the correct driver and one with a normal driver.
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    If the font is a TrueType font, you can embed the font in the document by going to: Tools > Options > 'Save' tab, and put a checkmark next to "Embed TrueType fonts". This can increase the size of the file though.


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    Embed fonts is the main answer, but there are other issues you should consider.

    ??? Exactly How did you create the example screen captures?

    I'm guessing that you simply changed the currently selected printer within windows. This can be done via Word print dialog or "directly" via the Control Panel/Printers dialog. The printer simply has to be selected, it does not also have to be set to default. The currently selected printer affects how the document is displayed within the Word application as well as how it is printed. This means that each person who will be printing the doc has to have the appropriate printer/driver installed. This can be done by your IT people. Even if they take the shotgun approach and install it for everyone, everyone else doesn't have to use it.

    Another thing to consider is that these docs have gone through a lot of version change, from WP through several versions of Word. I suspect they are good candidates for corruption. As well, just looking at them I'm guessing there is a lot of "typewriter" type "manual" formatting. For example the lines above and below the "NOTES" are done with multiple minus characters instead of more advanced line functions. And in the "Applicability" it is obvious that you have manual line/paragraph breaks at the end of each line instead of just once at the end of each paragraph. And I'm willing to bet that tables, such as Condition / Required Action / Completion Time table is also setup manually rather than within a "proper" word table. Yes, this is the voice of experience speaking. I've had to play with such documents in the past.

    The bottom line is that I'm suggesting you consider reformatting the docs completely from scratch. Do a SAVE AS to TEXT format, then copy the text into a brand new DOC. Apply NORMAL style to the whole doc and work you way through creating number lists, bullet lists tables, indents etc as required. You'll find that para breaks and page breaks won't match exactly, but just go with the flow where ever possible. Use the newer features to make the docs more "automatic", so they require less manual control in the future. Create and name appropriate new styles as you go. The thing is

    Of course, before making a change like this make sure you get management approval. And since the newest version of Word is a short time from release, you also might want to consider doing all the reformatting in Word 2010, saving to Word2007 DOCX format. This way all of your effort would be "future proofed" related to versions for a little longer. I've been using the 2010 Beta since it was released. It appears to be stable when using just basic formatting features. You won't be using any of the new or really advanced features.

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