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    Jeez, from the responses just today, the WS writers are gonna have a lot of reading to do!

    Even though I've been a WS subscriber for quite some time, I've never had a notion to try to get feedback to them. What have readers done all this time before the new forum was started? Was it possible to give input to a writer via the WS web site?

    And, I guess there's a (blush) additional (possible) plus for WS here in that the majority of the articles are for PAID subscribers, so it could be (is?) a good marketing tool!

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    Previously, all contact with readers was via the editor-at-windowssecrets-dot-com address. Stephanie would forward the reader letters to the appropriate columnists. As you can imagine, Lounge comments for each article are a huge improvement. And we do indeed hope that "teasers" for the paid columns will convince some free subscribers to upgrade to a paid subscription.

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