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    Two computers; one Acer netbook running Win7 Professional and one Dell notebook running Win7 Home Premium. Both had the same network problem originally, and I resolved the Win7 Pro problem by right-clicking the wireless network name from the "wireless network connection" list in the Notification Area, then choosing Properties. The problem was an incorrect WEP password associated with the network. Once I had corrected the password in the network connection properties, then I was able to connect to the network successfully.

    Same problem with the Win7 Home computer -- it will not connect to the network. However, the right-click of the network in the "wireless network connection" menu does NOT contain a "Properties" choice. The only item on the list is "Connect".

    I cannot find any other place where I can modify the properties of this network connection -- the network does NOT appear in the "Manage Network Connections" of the Network and Sharing Centre.

    Is there any other way to access the Properties of this connection? Alternatively, is there a way to completely delete all traces of this network from the computer so that I have the opportunity to re-enter the password? I've worked on this on-and-off for over two months and it's really becoming frustrating. (Both computers connect successfully to my home wireless network, among others. It's only a wireless WEP network at the local community centre that's causing grief. It's not a mission-critical situation, but I would like to get it resolved.)

    I don't understand why one computer offers three items in the right-click menu, while the other computer only offers one item ("Connect"). Is it a intended difference between Win7 Pro and Home Premium? Can anybody confirm that their installation of Home Premium offers more options, or does it always offer only "Connect"?

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    The second PC has no knowledge of the network so there are no Properties to change. Just click "Connect" and go through the process. You'll have to select a network and supply the password.


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