The LiveCD List

An enormous resource of LiveCDs, LiveDVDs, and LiveUSB operating systems.

Primary Functions
  • Desktops: provides a working GUI desktop environment with a collection of desktop programs, such as browsers and text editors. Many also include utilities for other purposes, such as home entertainment, but are only listed here because the additional functions are not their primary focus.
  • OS Replacement: provides an option to transfer the cd to the hard drive, or to install an OS in a different form
  • Education: provides a collection of educational programs, or was created to be used in the educational field
  • Rescue: provides tools needed for data recovery
  • Clustering: provides tools for making clusters
  • Security: contains network security tools
  • Home Entertainment: geared towards playing video and audio
  • Gaming: video games!
  • Medical: contains medical programs
  • Diagnostics: contains utilities for testing hardware
  • Firewalls: distributions created to be used as firewalls
  • Forensics: distributions containing forensic tools
  • Servers: distributions used for various server functions

Some commercial, but mostly .