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    uninstall IE 6.0 (sp2)

    Hello I would like to know how to get rid of IE 6.0 from my Win2k OS. Do I need to reinstall window 2k all over again? This would really suck! I upgraded my browser to 6.0 yesterday from 5.5 and now I cannot use an application that was working fine with IE 5.5. It is giving me 2 error messages..'Wrong number of arguments or invalid propery assignment' and 'unknown response'. After I had these problems I uninstalled IE 6.0 and went back to 5.5 but the problems and the error messages still occur, almost like 6.0 is still there. Is there a way to remove all of IE from the registry and reinstall 5.5? I hope I don't have to reinstall windows :-(

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    Re: uninstall IE 6.0 (sp2)

    Perhaps IE 5.x is refusing to overwrite a more recent component that IE 6 left behind?

    There is a PC Magazine (ZDnet) utility called InCtrl5 that "watches" install programs and logs all the file and registry changes. Perhaps if you reinstall IE 6 using this utility, you can determine which files (probably in the system folder) it is adding/replacing, and those of us with 5.5 can give you comparative information about, for example, the file version or date. Of course, if this runs to the dozens of files, it won't be any fun, but it's got to be easier than a reinstall of Windows!

    I'll post a list of my c:winntsystem32 folder in a second, for comparison.
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