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    I have an user running Small Business Office 2002 on a PC under XP. There are 2 problems with Outlook 2002
    When she does a SaveAs to create an Outlook template, there is no option to save as a .oft template format, only as a word .dot type of file. I checked this process out on another PC with the same Office suite and everything works fine.
    I tried creating the template as a .dot file and then renaming it as a .oft file but Outlook is not able to see the renamed file.
    Any suggestions?
    Also when the user executes a print command on a message with an attachment, the print out has no indication of the attachment to the email.
    Is there some configuration parameter to be set for this?
    Suggestions, please.
    Thank you

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    If Word is being used as the editor, I believe that only a "DOT" type of file can be saved.

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    Plutonium is correct. Outlook 2002 supports two kinds of templates, OFT and DOT. OFT templates are for use with the built-in editor, and DOT templates work when Microsoft Word is the editor. The two are mutually exclusive, and their internal file formats differ significantly; OFT is, for all practical purposes, a specially marked Outlook message file, while DOT is a specially marked Microsoft Word document.

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