BACKGROUND: I use ActiveSync 4.5 to sync my smartphone with Microsoft Outlook 2007 (XP Home). The phone is an i-Mate SP5 using Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0. I've recently downloaded a secondary calendar into Outlook. As I understand it, Outlook allows three types of calendars: "My calendars", "Internet calendars", and "Other calendars". The one I've downloaded (from, go the gunners!) is an "other calendar". Don't know how it works, but changes made at are automatically reflected in my Outlook calendar.

My problem is that ActiveSync doesn't pick up the Arsenal appoitments and transfer them to the mobile. Just ignores them. I presume it's only looking for calendars in the "My calendars" group. I've checked the ActiveSync options, and there's no way of selecting "other calendars". I considered moving the Aresenal calendar into "My calendars", but that would lose the link with

I'm not sure what my options are. Are there alternatives to ActiveSync that would work better? Any other ideas?