This is a VERY LOW PRIORITY issue, but is, I believe, an interesting anomaly.

I have a database application I am working on in Visual Studio 6. As a convenience, I have added a folder to the Files Pane of the Workspace Window called Database. I have added the .mdb file that the application uses to that folder so I can quickly open the file in MS Access without having to open Windows Explorer. I just double click it and it opens as it should!

Today I tried the same thing with a .zb file (WinZip backup) I created for the project. The registry contains the proper file association info for the .zb extension as evidenced by the fact that double clicking the .zb file in Windows Explorer properly launches the WinZip Backup application for the clicked .zb file.

But when I double click (or choose 'Open' from the context menu that pops up by right-clicking) the .zb file within the files pane of the workspace window in Visual Studio, it opens as a text file within Visual Studio.

Does anyone know why this happens? I would like the Zip Backup application to run, opening my .zb file of course, just as it does in windows explorer.

Thanks in advance for any help you might provide.