"Invalid device parameters from device driver"

I got this while rebuilding a hard drive. Root cause was my impatience with FDISK - I was not waiting for FDISK to complete its work in each stage.

For example, I'd elect to create a partition and, seeing the text "Press Esc to return to menu" or similar, I would press the Esc key, not realising that FDISK was still doing its thing.

No, I'm not about to go back and re-FDISK my system to see EXACTLY where I screwed up.

I *think* that it will generally be safe to tap Esc when the cursor is flashing immedately to the right of the Esc characters, not until then.

Do NOT use the DOS FORMAT command from the DOS 6.22 installation disks on a Win95 drives. All partitions will be lost in the translation (FDISK) back from Win95 to Win3.x format.