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    How to make caption appear in TOC? (2000 (9.0.2720))

    In order to make sure that a textbox and its caption are guaranteed to appear on the same page, Word steps you through a procedure that essentially adds a second textbox (containing the caption) and groups it with the original textbox.

    Fine and dandy, except that when one then does an update on the TOC, the caption (which is now inside a textbox) doesn't get included.

    The basic problem seems to be that, when generating a TOC, Word doesn't look inside textboxes for items to include in the TOC. How can one force Word to include captions inside textboxes in a TOC?

    (Or, alternatively, there is the more general question that more clearly defines the problem: how does one ensure that a caption always appears on the same page as the textbox that it refers to AND also appears in the TOC?)

    Doc Evans

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    Re: How to make caption appear in TOC? (2000 (9.0.2720))

    Hi Doc,

    Change the text box to a frame and that will take care of it. Text boxes are in the drawing layer, whereas frames are in the text layer and can be picked up in a TOC.

    To make this change, right-click the text box and select "Format Text Box" on the Text Box tab you should find "Convert to Frame".
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    Re: How to make caption appear in TOC? (2000 (9.0.2720))

    The trouble is that once one does that, the frame (which contains the caption) no longer seems to be attached to the textbox that I am trying to caption -- so that it is free to float up on to a different page :-(

    Doc Evans

    PS I've also just noticed that when I do the original "Insert Caption", which is intended to be above the textbox that I am trying to caption, the new textbox that is generated extends well into the top margin of the page. Argh!

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    Re: How to make caption appear in TOC? (2000 (9.0.

    Why put the caption and graphic in separate text boxes in the first place? You can put them both in the same text box to start with, organize them the way you want (caption on top or on bottom) then convert that to a frame. They are guaranteed to stay together then.

    You can also put them directly in a frame. In the Tools:Customize dialog box, under the Commands tab, you can find "InsertFrame" in the All Commands set (it may be in one of the other lists, but I don't know which one). Put that in one of your toolbars and you can go directly to a frame: select desired contiguous objects and click on the frame button.

    Take it from me, if you do a lot of this kind of stuff, it's pretty handy.


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