After working relentlessly for days to cure an erratic mouse problem, I finally sent in a support request to Stardock Multiplicity. The jumpy mouse occurred at first only on the remote machine being controlled by the desktop through a hybrid connection to a secondary laptop. The Desktop is on a gigabit wired LAN and the laptop is on a gigabit wireless connection to the same router. Although I did finally receive feedback from Multiplicity, I explain the solution in the below quoted email I sent to them after solving the problem myself.

Email to Multiplicity Support:


I delayed sending the first request for support until I had tried everything in my own arsenal to fix the problem. I have used this configuration for years, with the PC being on the wired leg of the LAN and the laptop coming and going on the wireless part. Both are Gigabit Connections. The difficult part in analyzing the problem was that the erratic mouse movement was only present at first over the Multiplicity Connection on the remote machine. Even when erratic movements were being made with the main mouse, the touch pad on the laptop was smooth. Eventually, I started to notice the same problems on the PC on which the mouse was directly connected.

So between the time of my original request and this morning when I received your reply, I did a lot of research into the problem, including completely wiping the laptop OS and restoring the original factory configuration. Still no luck. Finally, on the Logitech support site I found someone complaining that the mouse transmitter/receiver had to be too close to the mouse pad for his liking. His mouse behaved exactly the same as mine. So I grabbed a USB hub with a long wire and ran it up next to the mouse pad. Presto, my mouse problem went away on the laptop. Then I realized the sudden onset of the problem was when I changed from a Logitech desktop mouse to a much smaller laptop mouse for the PC. The desktop version has a charger cradle designed to sit on the desktop, usually just inches from the mouse. The laptop mouse and its receiver would normally never be more than 12Ē from each other, but with the PC three feet from the desktop, the signal was just too weak.

What really flabbergasts me is how the problem didnít show up on the PC at first, just on the remote Laptop. Oh well. I do really appreciate your response to the problem. I would be truly lost without Multiplicity. I have used it for years and continue to laude its utility to friends and associates.


System Specs: Desktop, 3 GB RAM, Vista Home Basic, Intel 2.4 Ghz processor; Laptop HP DV7, 4 GB RAM, Vista 64 Home Premium, AMD Turion X2, 2. GHz processor. Router Linksys WRT310N, Mouse Logitech VX Revolution