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    Hi WOPRs!

    I have a linksys WRT54Gv8 router and a Zonenet ZEW2500P wireless adapter connected to my desktop via USB2.0. My problem is that every hour or so, my connection just drops with no warning and to fix it, all i have to do is disconnect from the network via the network tray icon and then simply click off the tray icon window, and click back onto the icon and connect to the network again. it's very frustrating especially since i play a lot of online games and it always seems to pick a bad time to disconnect.

    My wife's laptop *never* has this issue (hp w/ vista32). Also, my desktop even disconnected when it was directly wired into the router so i don't think i need to buy a new router or wireless adapter.

    things I've tried:
    -uninstalling wireless adapter drivers
    -reinstalling wireless adapter drivers
    -power cycled & hard reset the router/cable modem
    -reset router to factory defaults
    -set static IP address for my desktop
    -thought about trying dd-wrt (haven't yet)
    -come to WOPR for help ;D

    i'm running win7 64bit

    system specs included since i've heard that hardware can cause these issues as well. please let me know if you think i left out any system info/specs.
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    This may or may not help, but it's worth a try.
    Open Device manager, expand the Network Adapters secion, right click on the adapter, select Properties, click the Power Management tab, and ensure that "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" is NOT checked.
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    May I throw in another idea that may help?

    If you have Intel network adapters and if the Win 7 install process only put in MS drivers, this suggestion may help.
    On both our Windows 7 systems I noticed that the installation process had setup just MS drivers for the Intel network adapters. I looked on the Intel support web pages and saw a driver scan utility to check driver version. That offered a newer Intel driver for one system, which I installed.
    On the other PC, the scan told me there were no Intel devices, which I knew was not true. I downloaded the correct driver anyway but at first it refused to install - no Intel device found! Somewhere, I don't now recall where, possibly on this site, I read of similar problems. The writer had done a 2 step process: something along the lines of first getting the Vista driver, installing that and then trying the Win 7 driver again. That worked for me.
    Together, these have helped some of my strange network problems - regrettably not all.

    If your network adapters are not Intel, well, who knows? Possibly Win 7 install has still put in "sub-optimal" network drivers?

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