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Thread: Changed Icons

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    Changed Icons

    I just noticed that the icons for Word docs are now a sheet of paper with a W and a pair of glasses at the top, instead of just the W. Also, text files show as a folder icon with a hammer and nutdriver (like control panel). All seem to work; no obvious "problem". I recently did some "updating" via Windows Update for MSIE 5.5, SP2. Is this something along the line of if you "Upgrade" MSIE, it puts the Task Scheduler down into your system tray, as Microsoft wants to remind you it is there, and by golly, you should use it?
    David Carter
    David Carter

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    Re: Changed Icons

    Your first question (icon for MS Word Documents):
    1. Double-click My Computer icon on your desktop
    2. From View menu, click Folder Options, choose File Types and scroll down to Microsoft Word Document.
    Click Edit button, then Change Icon button
    3. Choose the icon you like (if it is unavailable, point File Name to C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOfficeWINWORD.EXE if you have standard installation), then click OK, OK and OK buttons.

    For your second question (Task Scheduler):
    1. Right-click Task Scheduler icon on your Task Bar
    2. Click Shutdown Service. If it is unavailable, choose Open, and from Advanced menu choose Stop Using Task Scheduler.

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