We are told that Windows2000 will not allow you to backup the Registry by using Export for the whole thing. This may be true, but it solved a nasty problem I had recently.
I returned to my pc to find a message box from RegProtect asking me to confirm adding an entry to the Registry. I refused, but was told it was essential, so I accepted. All my *.exe, *.com and *.bat files then failed to run. I VScanned, but nothing turned up. The MS Q172/2/23 was no help. Using my Start Up disks I got exe files to run again, but then found that none of my shortcuts would open properly : instead they all opened in My Documents. No matter what I did, they would not open properly. I then ran a *.reg file I'd made of the whole Registry a few days ago. It asked me to confirm the usual %1%* entry for various files (including *.exe) then eventually stopped with an error message. Nevertheless, by then it had cured the problem. <img src=/S/joy.gif border=0 alt=joy width=23 height=23>
I though this might come in useful sometime. In Windows 2000P, make an Export *.reg file of your whole Registry and save it for dire emergencies.