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    Having made the jump from XP to 7, I am now feeling my way around the interface. Here is one issue that I discovered early on: loss of preferred access to my Start Menu items. I think I can trace most of my disagreements to the new feature that sorts items based on the first letter I type. For instance, if I press Start + A, it creates a small menu with all of the items that begin with the letter A.

    That comes at the expense of Start + A giving me instant access to my Favorites folder, and that is a compromise that I am unwilling to accept. Same with Start + P for the entire Programs list, and any items I pin to the Start Menu.

    So I am inquiring as to whether I can disable the key sorting that takes place after invoking Start or whether there is an alternate route to creating instant, two-keystroke access to the items that I reach for most often.

    I think I'm going to like Windows 7, but this keyboard junkie doesn't want his OS getting in the way of what I already know to be the fastest possible access to my preferred activities. Thanks...

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    Here is a fairly complete list of Win 7 keyboard shortcuts

    Create new keyboard shortcuts

    Create desktop shortcuts

    I hope these help you. Welcome to Windows 7
    Have a Great Day! Ted

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