Here's a strange one that I've looked all over and can't find an answer for:

Just upgraded to Outlook 2002 (actually, it is a new computer but my old PST). I have a good friend who just got a new Mac and is using Eudora. Whenever she forwards me an attachment, it doesn't display in the attachment bar on the header. Yet, when I open the message, I can go to File|Save Attachment and it saves just fine. I just have no way to know when I get an attachment or not.

These are .jpg, .jpeg, and .ppt files, so nothing blocked by Outlook. I've even but on the COM utility and moved everything to Level 2 status. Still no change.

I can receive these same attachments from other people just fine and they display correctly in the attachment bar.

Only thing I can think is that this is a Mac-Outook20002 problem. Anybody else seen this?