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    This has been somewhat discussed before, but I can't remember a good conclusion.

    Having changed DNS/local domain names and gone to a new server, I now find that where someone logs on to an XP Pro PC at which they had logged on previously, then there are now two profile directories/folders in Documents and Settings:
    The second one of these has become the 'current' profile for that user, and the old one is effectively redundant.

    However, this causes problems if the user starts to use a new PC at which they have never previously signed on, and the only profile directory on that PC for that user is called

    Outlook 2003 objects to this when trying to find the OST file that lives on the previous computer's C: drive, because the roaming profile's path includes the username.newdomain directory name. (I don't actually want any OST files, but that's a different argument!)

    Also for other maintenance reasons I would like to set up a consistent profile directory name for each user without which does not include the .newdomain suffix.

    And now the question: does anyone know, or can point me to, an entirely foolproof method of changing directory names, the registry, and anything else to enable me to return to the suffix-less situation for each user?


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    If I understand correctly, you have workstations that you removed from one domain, then added to a new domain. You moved the roaming profiles to a new server, and would like them to not append the domain name on the local workstations. Is that correct?

    If so, the easiest way to do this is to simply delete all the profiles from the workstations. It can be done via a script with Delprof. Then when users login their profiles will not append the new domain.

    The reason this happens in the first place is because the user accounts on the new domain have different SIDS (security identifiers) than the old domain. Windows does not recognized the old profiles as being valid and creates a new one, appending the domain name, to keep a unique profile.

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