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    I am involved in making MOnthly MIS in my organisation wherein need to have data represented in form of Graphs in the standard ppt ( Powerpoint).
    I want to have standard excel sheet & ppt. such that whenever I make changes in Excel data, corresponding graph in ppt. gets automatically updated with the changed data.

    Currently what I am doing is when update data in excel sheet & the graph also gets updated automatically in Excel sheet.
    Then "Paste Special" in ppt slide. I request you to please help me achieve following ( if feasible) -

    1. How to develop link such that Graph in ppt. gets updated automatically as & when Excel graphs are updated.
    2. How to delink the ppt. when to mail it to concerned.

    Request your help pls.

    Thanks & regards


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    1) create the chart in excel
    copy the chart from excel
    Open PPT
    Edit - paste special
    Choose "microsoft chart object" and select "paste link"

    Save the PPT file.

    Now when the ppt file is opened it will ask about updating the links. Update the link to have it read the most recent data from the XL file.

    2) to "delink"
    copy the chart in PPT
    paste-special - PICTURE on the ppt file
    delete the original linked chart,
    Save the file with a new name
    Email the saved unlinked ppt


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    an addendum/alternative to Steve's De-link option is to check out the embed.xla addin mentioned here;

    what this will do is take any existing embedded chart image within the presentation and convert in to a non-linked image prior to distribution..

    so in this case the process would be something like
    1) open presentation file and update links as steve describes
    2) run the embed.xla command (one menu click)
    3) File-Save As [filename for distribution.ppt]
    4) attach [filenanme for distribution.ppt] to your email.

    note the support reference talks about PPT 2000, but I use the same addin/technique in Office 2003 with no problems.

    note also that the SAVE AS phase in step 3 is important - without this you will resave the original file with non-embedded links and so next time you want to update, the links will be gone and will need recreating (not a fun activity!)

    hope this helps


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