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    I am looking for a backup program that creates a running index.
    Part of my back up regime is to backup selected files approx twice weekly.
    However, say you wish to go back to find a file that you backed up some time in the last 3 years, but has since disappeared from your computer.
    If you want to find the backed up copy of your missing file, you will have to open and search up to 300 backup sets. A very onerous task. If there was a running index that listed all files in all backup sets, (under the backup set date as a heading), you would merely have to search the index to see which backup set the file is in.
    I wrote a backup program in vba that writes a running index. It uses Microsoft ntbackup and adds the ntbackup index to the running index in Word. It worked a treat – aside from ntbackup’s tendency to occasionally say it had backed up files when it hadn’t!
    On top of that ntbackup is pretty well crippled in Windows 7. So now my vba program is next to useless .
    I have looked and looked for a backup program that does write a running index. As far as I can see no such animal exists. I have written to several backup program companies with the suggestion. They all say that it is an excellent idea and they will probably introduce it in future upgrades. Yeah, that will happen on the day they ride flying pigs to work.
    Does anyone know of a backup program that writes a running index?

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    This is a duplicate of in the Seucrity & Backup forum. Please post repsonses there.


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