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    Forms/Report Templates (Access 2k)

    Good Morning

    Does anyone know if there is a way to change the grid size defaiult (set at 10 on my system - Access 2k).

    Also, the colours of the grid lines and objects. On my system, I find that the default colurs can make it difficult to see object boundaries.

    I see that I can set up a new template, but I'm not sure if I can change these settings.

    Colin McDonald

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    Re: Forms/Report Templates (Access 2k)

    It sounds like you need to change your default colors. I use the standard Windows colors and have no problem seeing object borders. The colors you see in design view/print preview are going to be whatever you've set up for Windows unless you change the BackColor property of the object

    Forms and reports have a GridX and GridY property that you can set from the Format tab of the properties dialog. That makes the grid larger or smaller. If you create a template and set the grid size in that, then any object you create from that template will have the same grid size. Changing an existing object's grid size doesn't affect the grid size in new objects.

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