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    I have an excel spreadsheet with 9 lines of data and 4 colums. I am using a chart wizard to make the line graph. When the graph is finished, the "X" axis has numbers of 1 through 9. The actual data starts at zero (0) and goes to 40 representing 5 minute increments. When I right click on the x axis to change the scale, I don't get a min/max dialog box to enter custom numbers. All I have is an option to change tic marks. Can anyone help as to how I change the number on he chart from 1 through 9 to 0 through 40 with 5 unit increments. I have attached the spreadsheet.
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    A line chart has an X-axis as "categories" and not numbers.

    Change the chart type to an XY to have the X-Axis be numbers...


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